sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

A Reception Study of the Process of Housewives’ Interpretation of Art Films: My Only Sunshine Sample


This is an article about the way in which educationally disadvantaged middle-class housewives perceive an art film. Hayat Var (My Only Sunshine, Reha Erdem, 2008) was chosen as a sample. The study benefits from Janet Staiger’s historical-materialist approach and Jackie Stacey’s ethnographic studies.  A focus group of five housewives watched the film, and ethnographic techniques were used to collect the data. Data analysis has two dimensions. First, the audiences’ reading context and formations are examined, and their reception viewed in light of their conservative contextual discourses. Then distinctions of the judgment of tastes are examined through Pierre Bourdieu’s symbolic capital concept, popular aesthetic, and material-form separation.

Keywords: Reception studies in cinema, audience researches, art film, popular cinema, popular aesthetic.