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Abstract – New Books

New Books


This section features short introductions to newly released books. Eylem Atakav’s Directory of World Cinema: Turkey (2013) offers a wide range of information on Turkish cinema through the evaluations and critiques of many scholars. The book features fifteen chapters on topics that shed light on Turkish cinema, such as directors, stars, genres, and festivals. In her work, Su, Sis ve Toprak (Water, Fog and Earth) (2013) Gamze Hakverdi helps one to think about New Turkish Cinema through images rather than concepts. Thomas Assheur’s Yakın Plan Haneke (Haneke in Close-up) allows one to look more closely at the life, world view, and work of Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke. In Eleştiriye Giriş (An Introduction to Criticism) (2013), Michael Ryan describes various methods and basic concepts for use in criticism. He finds similarities between science and criticism in that science analyzes its environment, “studies it and figures out why it works the way it does.”