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Abstract – New Books

New Books


This section features short introductions to newly released books. Paris’ten Pera’ya Sinema ve Rum Sinemacılar (Cinema and Greek Filmmakers from Paris to Pera) (2014), prepared by Yorgo Bozis and Sula Bozis, reveals the history of cinema in Turkey and shows how the socio-cultural fabric is connected with ethnic/national/religious identities through a massive archive that people who do not know Romaic/Greek cannot comprehend. Film Çözümlemesine Giriş: Anlatı Sinemasında Teknik ve Anlam (An Introduction to Film Analysis: Technique and Meaning in Narrative Film) (2014), written by Michael Ryan and Melissa Lenos, suggests that all films have historical, political, cultural, psychological, social, and economic meanings and refer to their surroundings in many ways. Instead of a linear and chronological analysis, Robert Stam’s book, Sinema Teorisine Giriş (Film Theory: An Introduction) (2014) discusses the evolution of film theories from a global perspective that shows the general transformations and movements in these theories by carrying them beyond the limitations of time and space. Haneke Haneke’yi Anlatıyor (Haneke on Haneke) (2014), prepared by M. Cieutat and P. Rouyer, is the first book on Haneke written originally in French. It reveals the life and opinions of Michael Haneke through interviews that occupy fifty hours over a period of two years.