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Abstract – New Books Bahar Şimşek

New Books


This section features short introductions to newly released books. In Mazi Kabrinin Hortlakları: Türklük, Melankoli ve Sinema (Ghosts of the Grave from the Past: Turkishness, Melancholy, and Cinema) (2010), Umut Tümay Arslan analyzes several examples of Turkish cinema in the context of East-West conflict, one of the conflicts that shape the construction of identity. Hollywood’a Yeniden Bakmak (Rethinking Hollywood) (2010), edited by Y. Gürhan Topçu, examines the transformation of Hollywood in terms of industry, genre, narrative, and style in the era of New Hollywood. In Filmlerle Sosyoloji (Sociology Through the Projector) (2010), Bülent Diken and Carsten B. Laustsen favor reading films “allegorically, with an emphasis on ambiguity.” Derviş Zaim Sineması: Toplumsalın Eleştirisinden Geleneğin Estetiğine Doğru (The Cinema of Derviş Zaim: From the Critique of the Social to the Aesthetics of Tradition) (2010), edited by Aslıhan Doğan Topçu, features twelve articles on Derviş Zaim, who has a special place in the revival of Turkish cinema after the 1990s. The articles analyze Derviş Zaim’s work in detail, examining its theoretical framework and Zaim’s place in Turkish cinema. Arnheim for Film and Media Studies (2010), edited by Scott Higgins, is a comprehensive study of Arnheim’s impact on film studies. There are fourteen articles in the book, most of them discussing Arnheim’s later works. In Nation and Identity in the New German Cinema (2010), Inga Scharh, known for her work on New German Cinema from the perspective of cultural studies, focuses on the problem of national identity in New German Cinema.