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Abstract – New Books Pınar Yıldız

New Books


This section introduces newly released translated books and compilations. Roy Armes’ Sinema ve Gerçeklik (Film and Reality: An Historical Survey), one of the translations, discusses the relationship between film and reality in three alternative structures appearing chronologically in film history. Sinemayı Anlamak: Marksist Perspektiften Sinema (Understanding Film: Marxist Perspectives), edited by Mike Wayne, is another translation introduced in this section. It features well researched articles about films in their context of capitalist markets and state relations rather than their artistic and cultural traits. The third book in this section is yet another compilation: Bellek İzleri: Kurgudan Kurama Görüntüler (Traces of Memory: Images from Editing to Theory), edited by N. Gamze Toksoy. It features articles that discuss current reappearances of structures shaped by recent developments in virtual reality, such as the nature of reality, representation, image, ideology, and truth.