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Abstract – New Books Ş. Ezgi Mert

New Books


This section features introductions to a compilation, a translation, and Senem Duruel Erkılıç’s single work, Türk Sinemasında Tarih ve Bellek (History and Memory in Turkish Cinema), which studies the relationship of history and cinema in the light of new conditions and discourse. The compilation is work called Sinema Kuramları: Beyaz Perdeyi Aydınlatan Kuramcılar (Film Theories: Theorists Who Illuminate the Silver Screen), which comes in two volumes edited by Zeynep Özarslan. It compiles the work of scholars in various Turkish universities concerning important theories or movements pertinent to different periods of film history. The translation is a book by Warren Buckland, Sinemayı Anlamak (Understand Film Studies: A Teach Yourself Guide). It provides a clearly written introduction to major topics in film studies.