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Abstract – On the Politique des Auteurs

On the Politique des Auteurs


In Cahiers du cinéma, at the heart of Politique des Auteurs, Bazin makes an objective assessment of this policy. He is not afraid to express the shortcomings of the approach even though he is surrounded by the young critics of his era, such as Rohmer, who was one of the most ardent defenders of Politique des Auteurs. Mostly, however, Bazin defends the policy. Thus, in a sense, he presents his own auteur policy. Taking an objective view of the emergence of auteur, he discusses the relationship between the artist and the artist’s work within a historical perspective that extends back to the time before cinema. According to Bazin, the individualization of Western art has also occurred in the mass art of cinema, with a slight difference. He sees the industrial production of films for the masses in Hollywood not as a disadvantage but as advantageous to the emergence of the auteur. Within this perspective, Bazin’s thoughts overlap with those of the defenders of Politique des Auteurs in Cahiers du cinéma.