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Abstract – Reading Inside from Nietzsche

Reading Inside from Nietzsche


Some of the defining features of Zeki Demirkubuz’s cinema come from Demirkubuz’s characters, who live at the edge of life (and to whom he shows a special interest), and from the atmospheric gloom their dark stories create. In almost all his films, a similar nihilistic pattern in his characters can be observed. This pattern seems to be the source of general pessimism found in the stories. At first glance, all these characters give the impression that they are losers. However, a close reading from a different perspective reveals that they are individual characters of substance. In his reading from a Nietzschean perspective, Ö. Erbalaban Gündüz sees behind these characters’ losses a different form of success, a success beyond the norms of modern society where success is related only to economy and career. Gündüz presents the Nietzschean view through an evaluation of the Inside’s main character, Muharrem, who unflinchingly defends the truths of his own world.