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Abstract – The Core and the Flow of Film Studies

The Core and the Flow of Film Studies                                                                                                                        


 Films have been evaluated for many years. From early art theorists to the IMDB generation, there has been an ever-increasing accumulation of words uttered, criticism written, books published, and academic studies. The fact that the medium of film has been as diverse as ideas about cinema brings the nature of “film studies” up for discussion. As a scholar and researcher, Dudley Andrew enters this discussion from an insider’s sincere point of view. He discusses the transformation of film studies through era, country, and movement. He discusses the emergence of film as a subject for study in universities in America and Continental Europe (especially in France), how film studies has been accepted as an independent discipline, and how it has evolved. He also presents a general overview of film production and film studies in various countries, such as Japan and Turkey. In context of this historical and geographical diversity, he comments on the interrelationship of cinephilia, film criticism, and academic film studies.