sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

Comedy and Women: The Problem of Gender in Hokkabaz


This study argues that representations of the female protagonist in the Turkish film Hokkabaz (The Magician, Cem Yılmaz & Ali Taner Baltacı, 2006) replicate gendered masculine hegemony. Using the concept of hegemonic masculinity and genre theory, we suggest that Hokkabaz contributes to the inequality of gender through its treatment of the father-son relationship. We first examine the formation of gender roles by means of the conventions of comedy and then, in terms of hegemonic masculinity, analyse the impact of the father on the son in a patriarchal society. The main elements of the essay, which employs the technique of textual analysis, are the collective discourses about women as represented in mainstream comedies and the hegemonic relationships between men found in the literature of hegemonic masculinity.

Keywords: Comedy films and women, hegemonic masculinity, Turkish cinema.