sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

Cyprus and Cypriots in Turkish Movies Acceptance and Refusal in Turkish Cameras: Oppressed, Turkish and Cypriot

Due to its historical relationship, Cyprus has been a part of the Turkish military and political agenda for the last 50 years. Its “Ottoman legacy,” Greece-Turkey relations and the Turkish population on the island all contribute to the interest in Cyprus that has developed on various levels. Movies and TV series are two of the tools that have built an image in the minds of Turkish Cypriots of themselves as “an international issue” and as “oppressed relations waiting to be rescued.” This article studies the transformations of this image in 10 sample visual texts from the years 1964 to 2009. These samples document a change in the image of Turkish Cypriots from the “oppressed cognate” to an ungrateful population addicted only to self-interest. While these texts assume that the circumstances of Turkish Cypriots are being presented, in fact, it is a Turkish perception and viewpoint. Thus, Turkish Cypriots find it harder to define themselves in the face of public opinion in Turkey. The essential aim of this study is to examine how Turkish people define Turkish Cypriots, apart from the Turkish military and diplomatic context.

Keywords: Turkish Cypriots, Turkish movies, images of Turkish Cypriots, Turkey, TRNC.