sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

Dedemin İnsanları in the of Context of Nationalısm and the Individual

This study analyzes the film Dedemin İnsanları (The People of My Grandfather) via symbols and texts about nationalism theories. The study questions the existence of the individual in the film text. The study aims to observe the integral concepts and facts in the theory of nationalism, such as language, flag, Othering, and community, through an intertextual reading of the film. First, the study discusses the theoretical backgrounds, such as post-structuralistic, structuralistic, and nationalistic theory in social science, and the relationship between nationalism and cinema, emphasizing the relationships among nationalism, economy, and language. Then it examines the significance of nationalism in the film text. The approach is not intended to be normative; rather it is positive, focusing on how film is to be, rather than how it has to be. The last section presents an interview with the director of the film about the dichotomy between civil society and the state, which trivializes the concept of the the individual and highlights structure in the Turkish Cinema in the new era.
Keywords: Nationalism, Dedemin İnsanları (The People of My Grandfather), the individual.