sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

Director Ali as a Subject in the Context of Power: A Reading of Gece Yolculuğu from a Foucauldian Perspective


Gece Yolculuğu (1987), which earned the award of best director for Ömer Kavur at the 25th Antalya Film Festival, tells the story of Ali, a director who gives up shooting a new film and decides to start a life alone in an abandoned town. Ali’s attitude during the preparation phase of the film and when, abandoning the film, he confronts the town, reverberates with reflections about the tensioned relationship of an individual with his society, his current conditions, and his environment. Kavur’s movie, which can be taken as criticism of the corruption and negativity of the film industry, can also be the subject of more detailed analysis. While one could evaluate this movie and its characters in the light of various theories, this study aims to evaluate the social structure and sector to which Ali belongs in the light of Foucault’s conceptualization of power. It is meaningful in this film to follow the omnipresence of power along with its preservative/shaping characteristics, which, embedded in the process of artistic creation, shape the act of creation itself.

Keywords: Ömer Kavur, Michel Foucault, subject, power, auteur.