sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

From Balkanization to Europeanization: An Analysis of Subjectivity in Croatian Cinema


Balkanization and its cinematographic representation became an ideological reproduction space from the western perspective of imagining a geography with indeterminate borders. In this context, it is seen as a derivative of Orientalism. But this perspective of Balkanization generated a representation that was supported and reproduced from inside through self-Balkanization and self-exoticism. Croatian cinema, in the context of this unde ned region, constructed new national subjects while facing post-war trauma in a process of nationalization and Europeanization, while the sociological and political background became the scene of rapid and succesive transformations. A signi cant part of this confrontation consists of self-determination over the other of recent past and the rest is of a new system and a continual capitalist-patriarchal social structure. In this article, the new subjectivity forms in Croatian cinema between 2000-2015 are analyzed in terms of concepts such as self-Balkanization, self-destructive subject, upper and lower others, woman subjects as another other between tradition and modern, and subject transformed into project in late-modernity.

Keywords: Balkanization, cinema, Croatia, subjectivity, Other, trauma.