sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

Greener: On Ecocinema Theory


Considering cinema as a product of the Industrial Revolution opens a space for discussion of its relationship to the environment and its potential for furthering ecological consciousness as a nature-friendly medium. Departing from ecocriticism rooted in literary theory, this paper explores the possibilities of an engagement between ecology and cinema in the framework of ecocinema theory in the light of post-2010 research. The main argument, constituted by analysis of Solar Cinema as a newfangled ecocinematic praxis, is that moving images offered by various modes of ecocinema cannot be assessed without the surfaces on which they are reflected. Not only are greener film production, ecologically sensitive narrative, and moving images of great importance; the surface and the place of the screen also carry a particular significance. It is hoped that a bridge between Turkish cinema studies and ecocriticism will produce a constructive and intellectually rich pathway, parallel to the attempts of civil institutions and alternative media to promote ecological consciousness.

Keywords: Environmentalism, ecocriticism, ecocinema, Solar Cinema, sustainability.