sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

Islamic Cinema and the Search for a New Style on the Border of Modernity – Traditionalism


Islamic cinema, which enjoyed some popularity in the 1990’s, in more recent times has wrapped itself in silence. Today, Islamic cinema is searching for a new style that embraces both modernity and traditionalism. The purpose of this essay is to track the changes in Islamic films in terms of Nilüfer Göle’s concept of “Non-Western modernity.” In this regard, two films, Anne ya da Leyla (Mesut Uçakan, 2005) and The İmam (İsmail Güneş, 2005) will be examined. Unlike the previous era of Islamic narrative, it is important to understand that these narratives are seeking a new style. These films, representing today’s Islamic “current,” indicate the necessity of new approaches to appraising Islamic cinema.

Keywords: Islamic cinema, modernity, non-western modernity, traditionalism, search for a new style.