sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

National Allegory in Ümit Ünal’s Cinema

This study analyses allegoric structures in Ünal’s films 9, Ara, and Nar using the national allegory concept suggested by Frederic Jameson for readingThird World texts. In these three films by Ünal, a Turkish allegory is sought in the allegoric structure consciously established by the director in reference to the proposal thatTurkey’s collective ego is equal to the individual egos of its citizens. The presence of a national allegorical structure in the films produces some social discourse concerningTurkey, confirming Jameson’s claim thatThird World intellectuals have to become political. Social meanings of the discourse reflected in Ünal’s films, which seemed individualistic at first glance, are brought to the surface by the sort of reading proposed by Jameson and enable us to reconsider Ünal’s work  in terms of collective ego.

Keywords: National allegory, collective ego, alienation, uncanny, return of the repressed.