sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

New Approaches to the Relationship Between Audience and Film Production: Experiences of Crowdfunding Campaigns in Turkey


As Charles Ackland reminds us, “Watching movies always consists of a variety of behaviors, actions, moods, and intentions.” The changes that come with digital cinema are not limited to the distribution and screening of movies; they also include the social practice of watching movies. The effects of new communication technologies on film production must be analyzed in terms of the relationship between audience and film. A new audience of “prosumers” expects to have an influence on films that are going to be released. Crowdfunding, a type of crowdsourcing first described by Jeff Howe as a social revolution, is a remarkable way to analyze this new audience that wants to influence the production process. This research study attempts to present actual data related to crowdfunding campaigns for selected platforms in Turkey. The data for quantitative analysis will be collected from selected platforms and from interviews with the producers of selected films. The presentation of statistical data is aimed at an understanding of crowdfunding campaigns and improvement of subsequent studies in the field.

Keywords: Crowdfunding, prosumers, participation.