sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

The Healing Power of Cinema: Mending the Hidden Wounds


Two of the new books discussed are adaptations of the authors’ doctoral dissertations. In Sevcan Sönmez’s work Filmlerle Hatırlamak: Toplumsal Travmaların Sinemada Temsil Edilişi (Remembering through Films: Representations of Social Traumas in Cinema, 2015) she uses traumatic representation strategies to discuss the role of traumatic themed movies about coming to terms with the past.  In the second book Travma Anlatıları: Türk Sinemasında Melodram ve Toplumsal Fantazi (Trauma Narratives: Melodrama and Social Fantasies in Turkish Cinema, 2016) Sinem Evren Yüksel looks at how melodramas work as a kind of meaning and at social fantasies addressed by melodrama in context of its relationship with modernism. The third book Gözdeki Kıymık: Yeni Türkiye Sinemasında Madun ve Maduniyet İmgeleri (The Splinter in the Eye: Subordinate and Subalternity Images in the New Turkish Cinema, 2016), which takes its name from Adorno’s comment “The splinter in your eye is the best magnifying glass,” is a collective work consisting of articles discussing subordinate and subalternity images found in films.

Keywords: Trauma, memory, cinema, coming to terms with the past.