sinecine ISSN: 1309-5838

The Men Stuck in the Suburbs


While recognizing the changing contexts of suburbia, this study, examines themes of masculinity and of being left out in the films Başka Semtin Çocukları (Children of the Otherside, Aydın Bulut, 2008), Bornova Bornova (İnan Temelkuran, 2009) and Kara Köpekler Havlarken (Black Dogs Barking, Mehmet Bahadır Er & Maryna Gorbach, 2009), each of which has the suburbs as its setting. Taken together, the suburbs are associated with states of boredom, of the uncanny, of being marginalised and left out. The representation of suburbs as urban countryside is explored through the state of males in suburban society and the relationships characterized by externalizing and pushing one another aside as they struggle to exist. These relationships among men and representations of women as fragments from this practice of externalising and pushing aside are evaluated in terms of the psychological states of boredom and the uncanny. The main argument of the study is that all three of the films analysed are reflections of a social crisis and states of manhood found in the post-90s. 

Keywords: Gender, masculinity, suburbs, representation, film.